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Please take the time to review the ingredients of each of our soaps to make sure you are not allergic to or have a sensitivity to any of the ingredients. Also consider performing a patch test prior to use especially if you have sensitive skin. Shipping is included for a limited time!


This batch of This & That has shavings of the following soaps:

-Bliss Bar


-Strawberry Rose


-Glow Bar


-Coffee Break



This & That

Out of Stock
  • This & That is a unique and special bar of soap created from the leftover bits and pieces of other handmade soaps that have been cut, shaved and/or beveled from the natural soapmaking process. No additional fragrance or essential oils have been added to the soap batter. This bar is the perfect way to avoid wasting quality soap and feel good about your eco-friendly lifestyle while still maintaining the same luxurious lathering experience and moisturizing properties of our other soaps. Also, a perfect inexpensive option if you have been on the fence about trying natural handmade soaps. 

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